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My God’s Enough and Him Alone

  • June 2011
  • natemhanson

I turned 24 years old on Friday. I wrote this poem looking back on my 23rd year of life. Some of you know that it was the culmination of many unexpected years of physical pain.

When the days are longer still
My eyes must strain to see Thy will
The fields are dry and all seems lost
The money light compared to cost
Though at times it seems to be
That God has turned his face from me
My legs are weak, my back is sore
My spirit, He does not restore
Tis then my heart speaks to my head
Though it seems my body dead
Through my life let it be know
My God’s enough and Him alone

When the sun breaks o’re the height
The warmth it gives my body might
My legs now have the strength to stand
They’re walking in a pleasant land
The water in the stream beside
Is dancing like my joy inside
It glimmers in the sun so clear
I wonder, “could these be my tears?”
The ones that I had cried so long
Now rushing in a stream so strong
Through water, now, His grace is shown
My God’s enough and Him alone

The stream gives life to plants and trees
Which gracefully dance in the breeze
Their fruit is sweet and nectar tart
The colors are a work of art
What once was pain now proves to be
The most beautiful thing I’ve seen
I then look up to see the end
Of the beautiful, watery land
A county were my feet would roam
And find it then to be their home
The stream had lead me to His throne
My God’s enough and Him alone